Somewhere between dangerous and whimsy” – Jack Murray, Unknown Nobodies

“Samantha’s songs are profound, brave, haunting and true. Samantha is perhaps one of the smartest, most poetic, exciting, engaging young singers out there today” –Suzanne W. Stout, Playwright in Residence at Theater 80 St Marks

Her music is like the embodiment of a Francesca Lia Block novel” – Danielle Martin, soul-pop chanteuse              

Samantha Echo was born in the made-up place with poison skies–New York City, to you mortals.  She was likely the result of an acid-fused one-night-stand between Leonard Cohen and one of the Disney Princesses (at the Chelsea Hotel!), although this is unconfirmed. She was reincarnated from an Ancient Greek Mountain Spirit.

She is a hub of gauzy snark and a fallen disney heroine with a foul mouth, a soprano, and quite possibly the millennium’s worst case of arrested development. She has lots of feelings. She has been described as “Comic Con’s Kate Bush” (Janna Pelle), meaning that she is a distinctive high soprano who is almost too nerdy to function; an NYC female incarnation of Morrissey (Siv Disa), meaning that her lyrics will really bum you out, but it a fun and hilarious way. 

Echo has also been described as a “gay icon” (Liam Lyon, singer-songwriter), a “doll-faced illusionist” (Jody Borhani, visual artist),  and “a Salvador Dali of sound, challenging and disrupting perspective”(Heather Jacks, writer)

Echo likes to think of her work as children’s music for adults; the songs of a consummate outcast seeking redemption and dignity through humor and escapism and nostalgia.

Her debut E.P. “Poison Skies” is coming to Itunes and Spotify on October 18th, 2016.